Your First Visit

You may have been diagnosed with prostate cancer outside of our practice and looking for a second opinion.  Dr. Leung schedules robotic surgery consultations at noon or 5pm Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  These scheduled consultation times are reserved for the last patient of the day, which enables Dr. Leung to spend as much time with you needed to answer your questions.  It is imperative that you bring in with you any medical records that have to do with your diagnosis.  Specifically, it is imperative that we have your prostate pathology report along with any radiology studies and lab work such as previous PSA values.  In rare circumstances, we may ask for your actual pathology slides to have our pathologist provide a second opinion. 

If you would like a second opinion with Dr. Leung, please call our scheduler at 559-321-2810.  We will make an appointment without a referral as long as your insurance does not require it.  After you make the appointment we will send you our new patient paperwork in the mail.  We encourage you to fill out the paperwork ahead of time with your most current medical history information.  Once you are done, our staff will enter your medical history into your electronic health record.   You will be given a robotic prostatectomy patient handbook, which provides an explanation of the procedure along with pre-operative and post-operative expectations. 

Once you have met with Dr. Leung, you can call us back when you decide to proceed with surgery.  Depending on the grade of your cancer, radiology studies or other testing may be ordered by Dr. Leung.  Dr. Leung operates at Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno all day Fridays, and on Tuesdays at Saint Agnes Medical Center.